Austin Restaurants Offers Specials Intended For SXSW at Regular Locations

Despite the SXSW music festival's cancellation due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, several local Austin, Texas restaurants that were supposed to pop up at the fest are still offering the same deals at their flagship locations. Because they now have an overhaul of supplies that were meant to carry them through a 10-day event, local businesses are finding ways not to waste all of the excess food. 

A Facebook group has even emerged to connect businesses and vendors looking to buy, sell, or trade the intended SXSW products. Other Austin organizations are coming together to help support the service industry in response to the cancellation through fundraisers and bar events.

Austin-based baker Wundrkeks made 25,000 cookies for their pop-up shop at Royal Blue Grocery, which is now canceled. They're now offering a special on three half-dozen cookie packages for $25 instead of the usual $36. They're calling it "Surviving SXSW's Cancellation Pack."

North Korean restaurant Seoulju is now selling discounting carafes of its house soju, Jinro Chamisul Fresh, at $10. They'd purchased an excess in case the deliveries from South Korea were impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Gelateria Gemelli is partnering with the catering company The Cook's Nook and Joi Chevalier to find uses for what would have otherwise been wasted. The shop will host lunch and dinner pop-ups during what would have been the festival week. 

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