Anna Delvey: The Sociopath Socialite Who Scammed NYC’s Richest

It’s hard to tell whether or not you have a sociopath in your friend group unless they are someone like Anna Delvey. This true story of how one woman turned New York City upside down will have you questioning doing favors for any of your friends ever again. For Anna Delvey, the desire to be rich, famous, and successful was more important than the lives she ruined in her path.

New Face On The Scene

Anna Delvey dropped into the New York City socialite scene out of nowhere. She had no ties with anyone but quickly made friends due to her charming nature and habit of throwing money around. She was living in the iconic 11 Howard Street hotel filled with upper-class celebrities. They had no idea just how mysterious she really was…

Master of Mimicking

She learned to mimic the behaviors of the people she was trying to be friends with. She would regularly tip the hotel staff with crisp $100 bills just to impress the higher-ups. She ended up becoming good friends with the concierge, who was an unlikely ticket into the scene.

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