Alyssa Milano a Covid-19 "Long-Hauler," Discusses Her Severe Lingering Symptoms

Milano first contracted COVID-19 back in March, and she says her symptoms, including intense hair loss and brain fog, are still persisting. She recently spoke with Dr. Oz about how she feels the president is refusing to take the pandemic seriously. “It's hard, especially when you're an actor and so much of your identity is wrapped up in those things, like having long silky hair and clean skin,” she told Oz. “Along with that also, I have the brain fog. Which, again, as an actress, as someone who has to memorize dialogue and be able to emote, and respond, and be on my toes, it's frightening.”

Milano has had symptoms since March, when she initially tested negative. However, after the illness hit her lungs, she tested negative again, though it was confirmed she had COVID. “My first symptoms were stomach issues and a headache like I've never felt before in my life, and just overwhelming fatigue,” she said. “That lasted for about three days. So I thought to myself, I should probably just go get tested. First test came back negative. I would say, two days after that first test, it settled in my lungs and that's when it got really scary. I said, ‘This is the moment. Do I go to the hospital, do I go to the emergency room or do I stay home?’ ”

She feels the current administration isn't handling the pandemic responsibly. “It still feels like he's not taking this seriously enough,” Milano said. “We've now seen 20 members of his administration who are COVID positive. So obviously, this is a very contagious disease. I don't know what it's going to take to get some Federal leadership on this issue. But, 215,000 people have died. Cases are spiking right now, we are coming on to flu season, and he's telling people to not be afraid and go about their lives.”

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