After Weeks in Quarantine, People Are Sharing Their Feelings Through Hilarious Signs

Everyone is stuck in lockdown—which means that by the transitive property of isolation, everyone is totally miserable. Despite the doom, gloom, and loneliness of the coronavirus, people are attempting to lighten the mood around the world.

It's only natural that tension begins to heighten after weeks cooped up inside the house, especially if you're quarantining with another person or two. Or three. Or four. Or even more.

When Zoom vent sessions aren't cutting it anymore, you have to get creative. That's exactly what these frustrated individuals did... and they have the signage to prove it.

One sign in the window of a family home in Columbus, Ohio read, "uninstall 2020, it's got a virus. Another Chicago resident is letting their pantsless freak flag fly. In Lisbon, one exasperated partner can't wait to see their divorce lawyer, while a movie in Traverse City, Michigan had a little fun.

Hopefully, these signs helped to brighten an otherwise dim day.

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