After 25 Minute Labor Kansas Mother Gives Birth on Hospital Floor as Photographer Captures the Dramatic Scene

This wasn’t part of the birth plan! Two parents from Manhattan, Kansas are finally telling the story behind the incredible images captured last summer. Tammy Karin of Little Leapling Photography was hired by the family to take birth photos, but none of them were prepared for how this birth was actually going to go down! The family of seven were expecting their eighth addition, but little Max wasn’t seeming to cooperate and had a plan of his own! When situations like this one arise, it’s stressful on the parents as the plan dissolves and they have to quickly jump onto a new one.

Where is Little Max?

Max would be Jesica and Travis’ sixth child and first son. It’s apparent that these are very seasoned and experienced veterans the birthing process and everything that comes with it. With apparently five healthy and regular labor and deliveries prior, what happened with Max took these parents by a huge surprise.

Contractions, With No Baby!

Jesica began feeling contractions for several days before the actual birth. The couple initially went to the hospital when the contractions began, but they went back home when she wasn’t quiet yet going into labor. As the days went on, the expectant mother grew tired of waiting and worried about what her body was going through.




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