Adorable Kids Crash Fathers Live TV Interview

Professor Robert Kelly is an American professor of political science and he teaches at the Pusan National University in South Korea. It as for this reason that the BBC World News decided to interview him about the economic and political concerns of the South Korean President Park Geun-Hye. But the interview was abruptly interrupted when his kids decided to crash the live TV interview.

The interview was held in Kelly’s home study via Skype. It was a live interview with BBC news so there was no way of cutting or editing the event, but most people preferred it that way. Kelly was in the middle of the interview when the door behind him opened and a small figure in yellow danced in and approached her father. The interview continued with Kelly trying to shoo away his 4-year old daughter, Marion. Further hilarity ensued as his 8-month old son James sauntered in the door in a baby walker.

At that point, the interviewers at the BBC studio could no longer hold their mirth and you could hear them laugh and giggle, while Kelly struggled to keep his face calm and suppressing a smile, all while still trying to answer the question previously asked. The family circus was complete when Kelly’s wife Jung-A Kimg bursts into the room horrified at the scene, and immediately herded her children out of the room. Kelly himself could not suppress a small smile as he apologized for the interruptions. The video has gone viral, and the adorable family has since appeared on several media outlets.

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