Activism is Taking Precedence Over Practice in the Sports World

By 6 months ago

With the 2020 election underway, athletes are encouraging voting like never before. Two years ago, there were complaints made by higher-ups about athletes being vocal about partisan issues. "Shut up and dribble" was a phrase in circulation, much to athletes' dismay. Now, arenas and stadiums are being used as polling sites and voter registration locations.

Colin Kaepernick's birthday happened to fall on this election day, and he has continued to make waves by kneeling on the sideline during the national anthem. He is now a "former NFL quarterback" and is using that platform to spread awareness about systemic racism and police brutality. 

“When I played, players and coaches were never — maybe not never; rarely — asked about politics and voting,” Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “But the times are different. Our country is in turmoil, and everybody plays a role.” Tuesday's election day was a notable day of pause for sports. Despite the lack of games, athletes all over used their platform to spread the word and encourage young people to vote.

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