According To Science, Eating Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Is Perfectly Healthy

By 4 years ago
What a time it is to be alive now folks!

As it turns out, various studies have shown that eating chocolate first thing in morning while the body’s metabolism is at its peak is perfectly healthy.


In particular, researchers from Tel Aviv University found that eating breakfast consisting of chocolate, protein and carbohydrates guards against sugar cravings throughout the day. This means that eating chocolate in the morning makes you less likely to munch on sugary sweets later in the day.

The researchers conducted the study on 193 non-diabetic, clinically obese participants over 32 weeks. They split the participants into two groups. The first one was given a 300 calorie breakfast while the others were given a 600 calorie breakfast, which included chocolate pudding.

Lead researcher in the study, Professor Daniela Jkubowicz, noted the long benefits of eating a huge, sugary breakfast. The second group of dieters reportedly lost an average of 37 pounds more than the 300 calorie breakfast group. The second group had also reported fewer sugar cravings.

When you consider the proven benefits of eating Chocolate to your brain power, there’s little reason why you shouldn’t munch on chocolate cake early in the morning.

Just to remind you, researchers have found that dark chocolate can help improve cognitive function, as well as enhance reasoning, memory and focus.

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