Absurd Comments Pregnant Women Hate Hearing

There’s something about a pregnant woman that makes people completely lose their ability to converse normally with them. Besides the fact that pregnancy is a 9 month deal of your body completely changing and attempting to create an entire human, people around said pregnant person think it’s okay to constantly bombard them with absurd and too personal questions that they will have to thwart away or awkwardly answer. Ask anyone that you know has been pregnant, and they can guarantee that they became some sort of weird talking point all of the time when most days they just wanted to be like everyone else!

This is your chance to break the mold! Avoid these questions, treat your pregnant friend like the person she is.

“Were you surprised?”

No, this was totally not surprising nor exciting. Totally mellow news.

“Wow, was it planned?”

Does it matter? She is pregnant, she has the baby inside of her belly and she is now telling the world because she is excited. Why try to ruin her mood if it wasn’t planned? Being pregnant is already an extremely taxing thing to go through, and an unplanned pregnancy can be emotion. So, maybe just stick with that ‘congratulations’.

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