A Colorado City Is Allowing Miniature Goats As Pets

Brighton, Colorado has just issued a 2-year pilot program to see whether or not miniature goats make suitable household pets within city limits. The city is issuing 10 permits to start the trial period and monitoring each household's progress. The Brighton Police Department's Community Service Officer Division is heading this initiative, enforcing the proper regulations in order to guarantee a safe and healthy environment for the people and their new tiny goats.

The regulations are as follows:

Only disbanded female miniature goats will be allowed (24 1/2 inches tall at withers)
No more or less than two goats per property
Goats would be considered household pets and count toward the maximum of four allowed per property
Rabies vaccination would be required
No on-site breeding or slaughter
Only allowed on single-family detached properties with landowner permission
Permits required

The minimum lot size is 7,500 square feet. Though they're small, these little guys need a lot of room, so don't commit to purchasing one if you can't provide it the proper environment. Anyone interested in participating in the pilot program must enter a city lottery by Feb. 28, and the winners will be chosen on March 2.

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