A ‘Box of Crazy’ from Mid 20th Century Found in a Dumpster Stirs up Tons of Questions

By 3 years ago

What do you do when you find a mysterious and aged box in a dumpster? Well, what are you doing in the dumpster anyway? In 2008, Reddit user TramStopDan, or Dan Wickman, found a box that had papers of intricate and bizarre drawings as well diary entries that confused most people that read them. Many of the writings and photos depict UFO visits and abductions from the 1960s until 1980. When TramStopDan dove deeper into the writing, he was amazed at what he found.

Box of Crazy

The box in question is about 29″ by 38″. The man who discovered it recalled it smelling like, “basements and dampness.” On the outside, it just seems like an ordinary box. The man did not say why he picked it up or what drew him to it, but he had to have known that something interesting was inside.

Opening it Up

Once it was opened up, tons of writings, pictures, and other pieces of paper were inside. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be so significant since it could just be random things that no one wanted anymore. Luckily, the man took his time to sift through the papers and found some crazy things! Hence why he deemed it the Box of Crazy.

Bizarre Writings

Take a minute to read this, you won’t be disappointed. Basically, the author is saying that there were UFO sightings and unexplainable things happening in the sky that other people were trying to cover up or write off. It seems to be the manuscript of a journal of some sort; something that was never published.

Going Deeper

The author delves more into the conspiracy, detailing experiences of a writer, an artist, and an inventor. These folks are never given names nor are they given any characteristics. These are basically just mystery people. The creepiest part of it all is that it can be traced to confirmed things that happened, but were mysteries at the time of this writing. All of the UFO’s and bizarre creatures were all first-hand accounts, this is not just a story.

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