99-Year-Old Granny Gets Herself Arrested On Purpose For The Most Hilarious Reason Ever

Getting arrested and thrown in jail is probably one of the last things most people will ever wish for, but that’s exactly what 99-year-old Annie wanted to happen.

To be specific, one of his bucket list items is to “experience a police cell from within.”

Lucky for her, the local police department was happy to help.

According to the Politie Nijmegen-Zuid’s Facebook post, one of their officers named Maarten decided to bend the rules a little bit and “arranged a visit for Annie in a dwell chamber.”

This is happens very rarely, as according to the police department on Facebook, “Civilians are not allowed inside an area with cells.”

But then again, you don’t get such odd requests every day, and so Annie’s request was granted, with the police picking her up from her home and cuffing her before “locking” her up.

As the photos showed, the 99-year-old seems to have enjoyed the experience.

This grandmother clearly knows how to live life to the fullest.

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