93-Year-Old Woman Receives 150 Cans of Beer After Plea for "More Beer" Goes Viral

93-year-old Olive Veronesi from Pennsylvania was down to her last dozen cans of beer. On Monday, after her cheeky plea for beer went viral, 150 cans of Coors Light were delivered to her doorstep.

The resident of Seminole, PA is quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic and is therefore unable to get more beer herself. A relative took a photo of Veronesi holding up a dry erase board relaying her deepest desire: "I neeed more beer."

"I have a beer every night," Veronesi said. "Something to relax, you know, I think it's nice—something for a young lady."

The image was shared over 51,000 times after it was posted on Facebook. Veronesi's prayers were answered by the parent company of Coors Light, the Molson Coors Beverage Company. "Olive asked, and beer is on its way!" the brand tweeted.

Veronesi was over the moon, and updated her dry erase board to reflect her lifted spirits: "Got more beer!"

"I have a beer every night, you know what, beer has vitamins in it, it's good for you, as long as you don't overdo it," she said. If she ever finds herself out of beer, Coors has stated that they're happy to help her restock.

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