89-Year Old Gets Surprise of a Lifetime from Her Neighbors

When this 89-year old woman returned home one day in November 2016, she found that all her things had been placed on the road and that her house was padlocked shut. She didn’t know what to do. What was worse was that she would be celebrating her 89th birthday soon.

But unbeknownst to her, all of her neighbors witnessed what was happening and decided to help her out. They always thought of her as a part of the neighborhood and the community, so they decided to give her a very special and unforgettable birthday gift.

Roots of Home

89-year old Angie Tyma had been living in the same house in Hudson, Florida for the past 35 years. She lived most of those years with her husband, to whom she was married to for 58 years. When her husband passed away, Angie stayed in the house, where she thought she would be spending the rest of her life with her two dogs, Ralphie and Pepper.

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