After 60 Years Of Living With A Tumor, Chilean Woman Discovers The Devastating Truth

Medicine has come a long way over the years, and it is absolutely mind-blowing. From replacing joints to vaccinations, doctors are learning and performing these amazing procedures daily. Even with the endless hours of studying and practicing, doctors misdiagnose quite frequently. After all, they are human. Take what happened to Chilean woman Estela Melendez, who was told by doctors that she was living with a tumor in her stomach. Estela, after tests and countless trips to the doctors, found out the devastating truth about her tumor.


Everything Going Just Fine

Estela Melendez was a resident in La Boca, Chile, right off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. One normal day, at 91 years-old, Estela was doing her normal house chores until she fell to the ground. She hit the ground extremely hard and was brought to a nearby hospital. She would’ve never thought she was going to find out the life-changing news.

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