£5 Million Mansion Could be Sold for Only £13.50 If You Answer One Question Correctly

The Dancers Hill House in London is being but up for sale for an incredible amount of £5.2million ($6.8 million). The house is a mansion and features six bedrooms, three lounges, and a stunning view. But there is another way to purchase such lovely property. All you have to do is win a raffle and answer the question correctly and you can have it all for £13.50.


The owners of the house, Nigel and Melanie Walsh, had owned the house and raised their family there for 25 years. But now, they decided that it was time to move on. They wanted to do something intriguing for their sale so they made the raffle to sell the house. All you have to do is purchase a £12.50 along with a £1 admin fee, and answer a question about the house’s history. The question is: ‘Who was the reigning Monarch on Christmas Day, the year Dancers Hill House was built?’


“My family have lived in the property for over 25 years, we have filled it with miles of smiles, family and friends and gatherings and also a son’s wedding.” said Melanie, “Now my offspring have sprung! It is time to move on.”

The lucky winner won’t have to pay stamp duty and they will be completely mortgage free. But there are a few terms and conditions for the raffle. The sale will only go through if they are able to sell 600,000 tickets. If that target isn’t met, the couple has the right to give a cash prize instead. The competition ends in December of this year.

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