23-Year-Old Single Mom of 13 Adopted Girls Finds Love In Uganda

By 2 years ago

A young woman took motherhood into her own hands after an inspiring time doing missionary work in a small village located in Uganda. She’s changed her entire life around in order to take care of and provide for 13 unfortunate girls who needed homes.

Moving to Uganda

Katie Davis was a high school student looking for some fulfillment in her post-grad life. She moved from the United States to Uganda to help take care of orphans when she ended up adopting 13 daughters. She was moving smoothly through life, thinking that marriage was not in the cards for her, but then things changed!

Leaving the American Dream

Just like any high schooler that is planning her future, Katie dreamed of having the typical American life. Husband, dog, two point three kids with a white picket fence. She’d have the house, the family, and the career that is expected of her, she wanted it! It wasn’t until she got close to graduation where she decided to really figure out what she wanted to do.

First Trip to Uganda

She first visited the country in 2006 at just 18 years old. It was just a mission trip, which is pretty common for people of that age to do! She was so inspired by the culture and the world that the church over there was doing, she decided that that was going to be her plan.

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