Incredible Historical American Artifacts Found in Time Capsules!

History buffs, this is your post! There is an incredible story behind the 220-Year-Old Time Capsule found in Massachusetts by the State House, and another 114 year old one found in the head of a lion statue!

Initial Excitement and Examination

As a 220 year old copper box, it help up quite nicely to the scientists surprise. Despite the natural corrosion, they were sure that the contents inside were preserved well. What excited the scientists the most was the weight – a whopping 10 pounds! There must be something valuable in here!

The Moment We’ve Been Waiting for – Opening the Box!

Pam Hatchfield, the Head of Objects Conservation at the museum of Fine Arts in Boston (pictured above) can be seen excitedly removing the lid of the mystery box. Her biggest goal was to make sure to preserve the box as best as she could, using the upmost care and consideration while working with the box. As you can see, she is extremely elated to have the privilege of opening the box!

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