21-Year-Old’s Surrogacy Gets Totally out of Hand

By 2 years ago

Shaniece was just 14 years old when she made a life-changing decision. Her experience followed her to her early 20’s when she acted on that feeling… But, things get tricky just a few months in.

Her Family Life

Shaniece was brought up in a loving family along with her older sister, Linda. Her parents met in high school and were childhood sweethearts. Linda ended up marrying her college boyfriend straight out of college. Their family was filled with love, until one day…

Moving Out

Linda wanted to move out to live with her partner, Josh. Shaniece was just 14, her sister 21. They were ready to start their new lives together! But, that meant leaving behind the old one, specifically, her little sister. Shaniece was sad, but very excited to not have to be bossed around by her older sister…

Childhood Frenemies

Linda and Shaniece were always bouncing between being best friends and enemies. Linda always ended up bossing her around since she was the older sister. This would irritate Shaniece to no end, as it would anyone! So, when Linda announced she was leaving, Shaniece was excited to finally be alone. Something was lurking that would test the sisters’ friendship forever…

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