Amazing Rescue Dogs’ Reactions To Finding New Owners Will Melt Your Heart

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that is so, these before-and-after adoption photos of dogs look like they’re mostly made up of the words “thank you” and “love”.

It’s truly amazing how the dogs just light up and are so full of joy in the after photos.

1. Dozer

Dozer was a loyal dog who was shot by someone after he selflessly put himself in harm’s way to defend his owner from abuse. After being shot, Dozer ran to a neighbor’s house and hid under the porch. There, the poor pooch sat untreated for five days and had already been suffering from a fever of over 103 degrees due to infection before he was eventually rescued. Dozer would then receive all the appropriate care thanks to the Trio Animal Foundation’s commitment to shouldering all of the costs.

Afterward, Sara, a daycare and kennel attendant found Dozer and immediately shared a bond with the brave and selfless dog. Sara has since adopted Dozer and the two are now reportedly inseparable

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