13-Year-Old Girl Saved by Taxi Driver Taking Her to Meet the Man Who Planned to Abduct Her

People say it’s always best to trust your gut. For one cab driver, the decision to follow his own instinct ended up saving a life.

Fall Morning

When cab driver Satbir Arora took off for his afternoon rounds one fateful Tuesday, he had no idea that he would stumble into the path of danger. Arora was driving around town looking for passengers. He had worked as a cab driver in the Oxfordshire area for years. That’s when he saw a young girl standing by the road waiting for a cab.

Odd Request

Arora pulled up in his taxi. The girl looked like she couldn’t have been older than 12 or 13 and was dressed in a school uniform. She asked Arora to drive her to Gloucestershire Station, but Arora felt a bit strange about the request—the girl was alone and seemed relatively nervous…

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