11-Year-Old Girl’s Bucket List Goes Viral For Being Hilariously Creative

11-year-old Jesse Magpantay of Dallas, Texas just went viral after her quirky bucket list was posted online by her brother.

Her brother, Josh Magpantay, came across his little sister’s list shortly before her birthday and couldn’t help but post it on Twitter.

The post has since received well over 20K likes and 8K retweets.

Among the 11-year-old’s many goals is eating a hammer head shark, acquiring a pet blob fish and trying aerial acrobatics, which are definitely weird.

That’s not all, though.

In one of the comments, Josh tells of how his sister “wants to be in a coma and be in close contact with several dangerous animals,” before adding that, “she’s really out here trying to die.”

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because she’s still 11 and possess a wildly creative imagination?

Regardless, it seems that the 11-year-old may be able to check one off the list pretty soon.

We’re definitely digging the creativity and we certainly can’t wait for what Jesse plans on adding to her bucket list in the future!

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