Whiskey Lovers, Jameson's New Cold Brew Is For You

By 1 year ago

Boozy coffees are becoming a more and more acceptable brunch drink if you're not a fan of a citrusy-sweet mimosa so early in the morning. Thankfully, Jameson, king of whiskeys, is releasing a new Cold Brew whiskey blended with iced coffee. While this innovation technically isn't anything new, with brands like Jagermeister and SKYY also releasing alcohol-infused coffee mixers, this is likely a trend that's going to keep up year-round.

The Jameson Cold Brew aligns with a stout draught, taste-wise. It's made with 100% Arabica Beans from Brazil and Colombia, so the flavors emanate a chocolatey, oaky taste. You can pour this in an espresso martini, drink it straight, or (of course) use it to spike your coffee. It's a pretty universal mixer for caffeine fans.

Jameson Cold Brew will be available in bars and stores next week and will also be available online at ReseveBar.ocm on January 25. If you're interested in adding this to your bar cart, you'd better jump on it, because this is a limited-time product. 

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