The Best of the Best: Weather Girls That Bring the Heat

The standard meteorologist “look” has changed drastically throughout the decades. In the past, meteorologists were primarily men who were dressed professionally and gave their best predictions about weather patterns. As time went on, we saw a shift to a much more relaxed view of the meteorologist’s role, one where personalities (and appearances) were allowed to shine. These attitude changes brought forth the following gorgeous weatherwomen—who are they? You’ll have to see for yourself…

The Unstoppable Bri Winkler

Bri Winkler is a picture of success and perseverance. She is a meteorologist who works on a weekend morning show based in Los Angeles for ABC 7 News. Bri graduated from the University of Miami and obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric and Marine Science. In 2012, Bri became ill and found out that she had suffered a stroke. After her recovery, she began to spread the word about strokes and stroke prevention.


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