Simple hacks for making travel packing easy with your Kids

Packing for your kids for a family vacation can be a painstaking task, it can be challenging, but if you make a list of the essentials days before your life can become easier. Family getaways are a time to explore and enjoy, get more closer as a family and enjoy the sights and sounds of the place you’re visiting, but missing out essentials at home and forgetting to pack something important shouldn’t spoil your trip.

Here are a few tips to get you going and make you a packing master.

Exploring and sight seeing means needing shoes that are sturdy and comfortable, pack in sneakers or sturdy sandals. Always wear socks at the airport as you’d need to remove your shoes for security clearance. It’s a good idea to wear large shoes and pack the smaller ones, shoes take a lot of space, so stuff them with little essentials.

Don’t forget your camera

Moments to cherish with your kids must be captured by a camera, pack your camera in its protective casing to avoid any breakage.

Products like personal care items; bath, shower and skin care products should be kept in resealable bags, so just in case they leak they don’t spoil your clothes.

If your kiddo has a favorite blanket at home, do bring it with you to make them comfortable when they’re sleepy, another tip is to pack an extra plastic bag in your suitcase for dirty clothes.

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