McDonald's Latest Menu Item Might Make Your Stomach Churn

As if this year wasn't strange enough, McDonald's has decided to make it even weirder.

The iconic fast-food chain is rolling out a bizarre and unique burger on the China market on December 21—a Spam burger topped with crumbled Oreo cookies. The announcement was made on Weibo last week before making its way to Twitter.

"Look, I saw this so you have to see it too. Sorry, that's how it works," tweeted video game analyst Daniel Ahmed.

Only 400,000 of the unique in the works to be produced and sold, so if you're interested, make sure to get in line.

The Spam burger has certainly received its fair share of odd looks, but perhaps it's worth a shot. It is common practice for global brands to roll out unique products such as this in the vastly competitive Chinese market.

The sandwich is made from two slices of Hormel Spam and Oreo cookies, and it's topped with none other than mayonnaise.

"I thought it was delicious," said a Weibo user. "Is that because I love McDonald’s too deeply? Or is something wrong with my taste?"

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