Man Builds Community Gardens to Saves The Bees and Provide for The Needy

A young urban farmer with the name of David Young is making a name for himself in New Orleans as he builds community gardens around the area. Young lives in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. He came to the south from Indiana in 2010, where he founded Capstone Community Gardens, a volunteer-run organization to help build community gardens. The gardens were made to help low income residents of the city as well as provide habitat for rescued honeybees.

Since 2010, Young and his organization have been able to build more than 30 of these community gardens. Most of these were built on abandoned lots that were leftover from Hurricane Katrina. All the gardens that Young has built can be accessed by the community for free. Aside from growing many crops and fruits for food for the locals, the gardens also feature several hives for rescued honeybees.

Most of the residential buildings in the area became infested with bees, and the gardens are a perfect solution to save the bees without having to use an exterminator. The bees were rescued using a vacuum cleaner, which Young used to snatch up the bees and migrated them to the hives in a community gardens. Not only will the garden provide food and nourishment to the bees, but they will also help in keeping the garden healthy and growing.

“If we all did our part, if we all did what we could for our community, to help one another, to help the environment as much as we could, could you imagine how peaceful – how wonderful life would be?” asks Young.

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