If Your Pet Suffers From Post-Quarantine Anxiety, Here's How You Can Help

By 8 months ago

When the pandemic first hit, pets seemed to be living the good life. Their owners could be home with them all the time. However, as things are starting to shift back to normal after months of quarantine, people aren't realizing that their pets have to adjust to their owners going back to work. The stress of separation is just as hard for a pet as it is for a person, but there are coping mechanisms that can help both of you ease back into normalcy.

To avoid returning home from work to chewed up furniture or accidents on the floor, try letting your pet know with these techniques that when you leave, you aren't leaving for good. It will be most effective to start implementing these practices before you go back to work. Try taking a short walk without your pet. Bring the entire family with you so the pet is left alone, and if you have a pet camera, watch their behavior while you're out of the house. Another technique is to break up the day with new visitors. If you have to be away, hire a dog walker to stop by mid-day so they have some company.

Keep lots of interactive toys around the house so the pet is never just laying around bored waiting for you. It's best if you have more than one animal at home so they can keep each other company, but if they're alone all day then they'll need the extra stimulation. Puzzle toys that allow for slow-feeding and brain stimulation are great distractinos while you're away from your pet. No matter what, your furry friend will be okay, but making this adjustment easier on them will keep them happy for the longrun.

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