This Photo of Jonathan Van Ness as a Teenager Is Getting Some Hilarious Responses

By 2 months ago

Can you believe?

The infamous Queer Eye groomer Jonathan Van Ness, 32, tweeted a photo of himself at the age of 19. “Here’s a pic of 19-year-old short hair to give you a laugh on this otherwise much to be pissed off about Wednesday,” Van Ness wrote.

In the photo, Van Ness’ signature shoulder-length locks and well-tended mustache have disappeared, instead revealing a fresh-faced teenager who looks like the lead in a 1990s rom com.

Twitter, of course, had fun with the photo, asking if Van Ness was the lead singer of Hoobastank or a Christian rock band.

Van Ness, who grew up in a conservative community in Quincy, Illinois, is seen sporting a soul patch. However, times have certainly changed, and the grooming and fashion icon is now known for his impeccable style sense and facial hair.