Mcdonald’s Employee Accidentally Left the Drive-Thru Mic on and a Customer Overheard Her Hilarious Conversation

By 4 weeks ago

Did you order your McDouble with a side of drama?

When this customer rolled up to the drive-thru, the last thing they expected was to overhear a minor soap opera. While waiting to have their order taken, the employee had left her mic on during a discussion with someone else.

The employee said she wasn’t going to clean on her day off, “unless it’s at home,” and proceeded to call out somebody named Brittany, to whom she had lent $20 to help pay her phone bill.

Afterward, the employee clarified that Brittany did give her half the money back, but she was still waiting on the other $10. She also stated that Brittany owes other people money.

Finally, the employee realized that her mic was on and there was a customer waiting. She apologized for the wait and asked, “How can I help you?”