Hilarious Resignation Notice Goes Viral

By 4 months ago

Every employee has experienced it—knowing when it’s time to say goodbye. But one worker’s resignation notice was more unique than others.

“One of our team members handed in this notice like this,” a fellow employee said, sharing the card on social media. “We all just stood and laughed when it was presented to our manager.”

The condolence card read: “So very sorry for your loss.” Inside, it said, “My last day at work is the 28th July. Thinking of you at this difficult time.” As it turns out, everyone on Twitter seemed to love the idea.

Another user said they knew someone else who resigned in an identical fashion with the exact same card, but on the inside, the card said, “It’s me. I leave in a week.” That’s when other people started chiming in…

Have you ever done this when leaving a job? If not, it might be a funny way to go.