Guy Fieri Wants His Own ‘Law & Order’ Spinoff

By 3 months ago

Guy Fieri is looking for a change of pace. From network television to his usual food business ventures, such as a chain of “California pasta grills” called Johnny Garlic’s to a BBQ sushi joint known as Tex Wasabi’s, Guy has done it all. Until now.

“In the culinary justice system, taste-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Flavortown, the one dedicated detective who investigates bland food is the leader of an elite squad known as the Sketchy Chef Unit. These are Guy’s stories. #DUNDUN #TheLawsofFlavortown,” tweeted the 51-year-old maverick.

Fieri has had his fair share of time on the big screen for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, as well as Guy’s Grocery Games. Is it finally time for Mr. Fieri to enter the dark criminal underground and confront the scum-of-the-earth chefs of Flavortown?

Although Dick Wolf has yet to comment on the proposal, it seems like a pretty solid idea. After all, Guy Fieri will protect the streets of Flavortown at all costs—even if it means getting his hands a little dirty.