Fallen Umbrella Prevents Entire Company from Entering Their Office for Days End

By 4 weeks ago

Dubbed “THE UMBRELLA SITUATION,” what seemed like a minor issue soon spiraled into mass chaos.

The case of the rogue WeWork umbrella is one of a surface-level inconvenience gone wrong. The umbrella, which fell to the floor from its stand, managed to block the sliding glass door entrance to an entire WeWork office space for two days.

Neeraj K. Agrawal has been documenting the epic company v. umbrella standoff on Twitter.

At first, the situation appeared hopeless. Employees tried all sorts of methods to help them break into their own office: brute force, funneling a wire through the door opening, asking management if they could shatter the glass. Unfortunately, nothing worked. The door wouldn’t budge.

If anything, the whole debacle was a wonderful team-building exercise.

The freak accident came to the end when WeWork called in the professionals. A real engineer came and drilled a hole in the ceiling, dropping a wire down.

There is no confirmation on whether or not the umbrella will face severe disciplinary consequences for its actions.