“Cliff Wife” Has Now Become A Meme

By 3 months ago

YouTube and Snapchat influencer Shonduras, otherwise known as Shaun McBride posted a dramatic vlog this week which captured his wife falling from a hiking trail onto the shore. McBride said she fell twelve to sixteen feet and narrowly avoided landing on jagged rocks. She was not seriously injured.

The video, originally titled “JENNY FELL OFF A CLIFF.. scary moment for our family,” the McBrides shared their account of the experience. Twitter, however, had other opinions on the video. Many believed the fall did not appear to look dangerous and immediately began making memes about “cliff wife” alongside other infamous Internet wives, like “curvy wife” and “elf wife.”

Although the incident was a dark day for the McBrides, Shaun has since changed the title to “JENNY FELL OFF THE TRAIL.. scary moment for our family.” Thankfully, she walked away without a scratch.