How Practical is Imperfect Foods?

By 4 days ago

Imperfect Foods gained headway in the recent months for offering delivery services with boxes of less-than-perfect produce and other items that typically get looked over at grocery stores. Nothing is wrong with any of the items, but because they're not ideally shaped or colored, customers tend to choose something else. The trend picked up over quarantine when people were avoiding shopping in person in general, but now that things have started to normalize, people are honestly starting to question the practicality of the food box service. listed the pros and cons of the subscription service:

Though the pros do seem to outweigh the cons, keep in mind that this service can be pricey and you aren't guaranteed to get what you want each week or however often you subscribe. You're also unable to check the quality of the food that you're getting, and also must keep in mind that the whole point of the box is to supply "imperfect" foods to begin with. That being said, Imperfect Foods is still wildly popular.

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