Overeating on Thanksgiving? Bitters can make it better.

By 2 weeks ago

It's estimated that Americans eat roughly between 2,000 and 4,5000 calories just at their Thanksgiving dinner table. One way to soothe an upset stomach after you feast that doesn't leave you completely comatose after all that tryptophan is to mix a bitters-based cocktail.

Bitters are the stomach’s wingman — its appetizer before a big meal, its comfort, and helpmeet in the aftermath. And while the taste of bitterness often stimulates a prehistoric “Nope!” deep in the human brain (it’s a flavor long associated with toxicity), when balanced with other flavors, bitter can be beautiful.

Bitter herbs have different effects on the body, promoting nutrient uptake, slowing the heart rate, reducing physiological components of stress, easing bloating and gas and the sense of fullness after a big meal. In the days when these liquids were consumed primarily as medicines rather than recreationally, people probably learned to consume them for their particular digestive impacts

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