Man Opens Can Of Beans, Finds Single Bean

By 2 weeks ago

Has this ever happened to you?

A U.K. man cracked open a can of delicous Heinz baked beans, all ready for a hearty dinner, but what he found was anything but appetizing. Inside the can was a single bean floating in a pool of bean juice. He, of course, took a video, posted it to Twitter, and followers tagged Heinz in a frenzy of hilarious outrage.

Now, Steve Smith has made international news, if only for a moment. His predicament was briefly enshrined on Wikipedia, because the Internet works in gloriously mysterious ways.

Heinz issued an apology, to which Steve said there were no hard feelings. There’s been no word about whether others have experienced the same bean tragedy or what Heinz plans to do about it or if this is a precuror to the food shortages predicted under Brexit. So, this got real deep real quick.