Five things that destroy a Marriage


Be Curious and not judgmental

When you judge someone for their flaws you’re ignoring the real problem and focusing on the fact that this person has a personality problem, so when you don’t try to know the person inside and out rather judge it creates a string of problems for you and your partner, so the better you know your partner the best it is for your marriage.

Accept criticism

It’s very easy to get on the defensive mode, remember everyone makes mistakes, taking every comment and criticism personally just destroys your relationship. You can always learn from your past behaviors and by accepting the criticism you’d try to be more flexible. Stop being defensive and accept criticism.

Stop being insecure

When you’re insecure you try to put your partner down at every situation, this insecurity is from a lack of confidence within yourself, and not from a problem in your partner. Build up your self-esteem and self-worth, and you’d not feel inferior. Remember you don’t need to put your partner down to make yourself feel better.

Communication gap

It’s OK to get mad at each other sometimes, but never ignore your partner; shut him/her out or block him out of your life, don’t put your partner on a guessing mode, communicate and discuss what made you feel bad. The more is the communication gap the more is the distance between two partners.

Be assertive

This is true for every relationship, we need to stop focusing on the negatives and when you focus on the positives you become more grateful and less of a negative person. Be considerate and try to think how the other person feels and you could have an amazing relationship with your partner.



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