Boston Terrier Knew Exactly What He Wanted From the Pet Store—and There's a Video to Prove It

Everyone loves a good viral dog clip. If your cute video archives have been lacking, please look no further than this cheeky little Boston Terrier who clearly doesn't mind a trip around the pet store.

Jax the Boston Terrier is pictured in a clip shared by the Humor and Animals account on Monday, in which the pint-sized pup zooms through a Petco pet sore with a gigantic bone in his mouth. The clip had 71,000 likes and13,000 retweets as of this afternoon.

The video was first spotted on Jax's Instagram account in 2018, meaning that it's made the rounds quite a few times—maybe even more than Jax himself inside the Petco. The nine-year-old Boston Terrier lives in Los Angeles and, according to his Instagram, really liked holding stuff in his mouth.

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