Youngest Organ Donor Ever Is Helping Save The Lives Of Others

When doctors realized that they couldn’t do anything to save Theo Omondi’s life, his parents thought of donating their child’s organs. Their courageous and generous decision makes Theo – who died at 41 days old – the youngest organ donor the United Kingdom, and his organs have already saved another.


Theo’s parents, who prefer anonymous and refuse to do interviews, as well as only released Theo’s first and middle name, said that while it was a difficult time, they believe that Theo “would have wanted to help others if he had been able to grow up and make the decision himself.”


The parents are “proud of what Theo could do.”


Youngest Organ Donor Ever


But then again, who wouldn’t be proud of a son who’s saving lives? Theo’s lungs, for example, were given to Imogen Bolton, who is 5-months-old, who underwent a double-lung transplate, which also likely makes her the youngest person in Europe to ever undergo such a surgery.


The Boltons, who weren’t optimistic about finding a match for their child, were more than happy to receive a phone call that told them that Theo’s lungs matched Imogen.


Youngest Organ Donor Ever