Woman Chases Dog Thief For 30 Minutes To Rescue A Puppy

A couple took to Facebook to ask for help looking for Wiley, a chocolate Labrador, who’d been stolen after being left tied to a doggie dock. For those that don’t know what a doggy dock is, it’s a post where owners can tie their pets to.


Alyssa Sanderford saw the Facebook post and the very next day, he noticed a ‘clean cut man, in his 20s,’ walking with what looked like the lost dog, including the orange collar like the one in the Facebook post’s photo.


Woman Chases Dog Thief For 30 Minutes


Without hesitation, the heroine pulled up and got out of the car, walked up to the dog thief and said, ‘That dog’s stolen. You need to give it back.’


The guy, however, refused to hand the stolen dog back and made a run for it. Unfortunately for him, Alyssa was a triathlon athlete, and seeing that her flipflops were a hindrance, went off after the dog thief – while barefoot!


Woman Chases Dog Thief For 30 Minutes


The chase went on for a full 30 minutes, and lucky for Alyssa, passers-by were more than happy to lend a hand along the way. One, in fact, used his car to help block the thief so she could alert the authorities and the owners of the stolen lab.


The owners would soon arrive after calling, and were more than thankful to finally be reunited with her lost companion.


Woman Chases Dog Thief For 30 Minutes


It’s nice to know that there still are some good people out there.


Maybe we shouldn’t lose faith in humanity just yet.