Watch This Adorable Little Boy At The Changing Of The Guard Has His Dreams Come True

Most boys love playing like soldiers, especially when young. However, not all go as far as four-year-old Marshall Scott.


Dressed head-to-toe in a miniature version of a guardsman’s uniform, he, along with his mum, Imogen, went to see the Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle. The boy, though, would get so much more.


Watch the video below to see what happened:


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The guard who came out for a quick photo, Lance Corporal Paul Edden, not only was glad to have the boy’s wishes come true – and more – but he also offered the a guided tour around the castle.


Talk about the opportunity of a lifetime, eh?


Little Boy At The Changing Of The Guard


The video capturing affair has since gone viral, having been re uploaded to various outlets and viewed over a million times.