Tombili The Cat of Istanbul Honored With Own Statue At Favorite Spot

All cats will be forever loved and remembered by their owners. Not all, though, will be remembered by the whole world.


The Late Tombili of Istanbul will be one of those cats that the world will remember, especially after the laid-back cat just got immortalized with its own statue.


Tombili The Cat of Istanbul


Tombili became famous after someone snapped and shared a photo of it in a very relaxed pose on the streets of Istanbul. As is the case with the Internet and its fascination for cats, Tombili almost immediately became an internet legend.


Unfortunately, the cat passed away in August. But, he will not be forgotten, as someone honored Tombili with his own statue at its favorite spot.


It will forever remain there as a reminder that we need to take a break every once in a while.


RIP Tombili!


Tombili The Cat Of Istanbul