Toddler Saves His Twin Brother After Dresser Falls On Top Of Him

One 2-year-old Utah toddler is now being hailed a hero after surveillance footage showed him saving his twin brother who was trapped under a fallen 115 pound dresser.


Footage of the boy’s amazing rescue attempt shows Brock and Bowdy Shoff playing with the drawers of the dresser, ultimately finding a way to open two drawers and climbing on top of them. But, soon as they do so, the dresser comes falling down on both of them, hitting Brock in the head and pitting him to the floor.


In the said footage, Bowdy can then be seen trying to find a way to save his brother and finally being able to push the heavy furniture off of him.



In an interview with TIME, the twin’s mother Kaylie Shoff said that “I think it’s a complete miracle, honestly. It comes down on his head really hard,” she adds, “Not even a little scratch or a bruise. We were lucky.”


It’s worth taking note that this happened on December 29, around 8 am, and the parents only knew that something had gone wrong after they checked the room’s surveillance camera hours later and saw the fallen dresser.


While Bowdy is too young to speak or fully understand that he saved his brother, the boys’ mother believes that he knew he had to do something to help his twin brother. If you look closely, the video shows the little boy attempting many times to lift the dresser before ultimately being able to push it off his brother on his own.


Toddler Saves His Twin Brother


The boys’ parents initially hesitated to publish the video on YouTube, but decided to push through it to help encourage more parents to anchor their furniture to prevent such injuries. They ultimately went with two versions of the video, one that’s shorter and one longer, both of which have amassed a combined number of views north of a million.


To the parents or soon-to-be-parents out there reading this post, may this incident be enough to serve as a lesson to practice child safety at home.