This Badass Wall-Climbing Dog Is Something You Absolutely Have To See

Meet Storm. She’s an 18-month-old Staffordshire that’s pretty much like every other pup out there. She loves to snuggle, and going outside to chase around squirrels. Pretty normal pup stuff, you know. But, what she’s currently training for is far from what you’d consider normal.


This superhero pooch is currently training to break a world record for wall running. Although, by the looks of it, she might already have it in the bag already. Believe it orĀ  not, this pooch can scale the sides of building like it’s nothing.


Seriously, we’re not kidding!



Manning, Storm’s owner, began their pursuit of the world record after learning that dog wall running is a recognized sport in the United States and the pup started showing signs of amazing agility.


For Storm to beat the world record, she must be able to run over 14 feet into the air. She’s currently at 12 feet, which isn’t too shabby herself and she definitely could do a lot more.


Badass Wall-Climbing Dog


Meanwhile I can’t even run a flight of stairs without having to catch my breath!