This Adorable Critter Is One Of The First Pit Bull Police Dogs

As useful as dogs have been in the police force, one breed you don’t typically see is the pit bull. Police often avoid working with them as they believe them to be too overbearing and too aggressive.


This little pup in Poughkeepsie, New York aims to change all the preconceived notions about her breed.


First Pit Bull Dogs


Kiah is a graduate of the Universal K9 Training program. The program rescues stray dogs, trains them for police duty and afterwards, donates them to law enforcement agencies across the United States. The progress is working in conjunction with the Animal Farm Foundation.


Right now, the sweet pup is helping the Poughkeepsie Police Department locate missing persons, as well as narcotics.


First Pit Bull Dogs


For all her hard work and dedication, Kiah was awarded the ASPCA Public Service Award.


This amazing pup is definitely helping change perceptions of his breed and pave the way for more pit bulls to be utilized by law enforcement across the United States.