These Guys Had The Crazy Idea To Try Using Tinder To Travel Europe For Free And It Worked!

Matt Dajer and Ammar Kandil, the people behind the Youtube channel, Yes Theory, decided to challenge themselves and see just how far they could get through Europe without spending any money.


The only thing they could use for help was Tinder, a mobile dating app, and that they had to use it to find a willing volunteer through Tinder to pay for both food and accommodation.


The pair even went a step further as to try to have a “local experience”, also at the expense of their Tinder victims.


Using Tinder To Travel Europe For Free


Their first destination was Amsterdam, where things looked pretty rough initially. Things looked up eventually, though, and by 5:30 pm they found themselves a place to stay for the night. Not only that, but they also found themselves treated to dinner by Sandra, who was also kind enough to help adjust their Tinder profiles so they’d get have a better chance of getting a match while in Paris.


Day two, now in Paris, wasn’t as bad and by 3 pm, Matt was lucky enough to land himself a Tinder date that would not only show him around, but also treated him to some delicious looking french snacks.




Using Tinder To Travel Europe For Free


Still in Paris, Sandra’s “rearrangement” of the Tinder profiles seem to have marked, as Ammad scored a free visit to the Eiffel tower and even got the two of them to crash at a generous french girl’s pad.


The lads then decided to take off for Barcelona for the final leg of their trip.


Using Tinder To Travel Europe For Free



This time, however, they ran into some trouble and wasn’t quite lucky in finding a match in the Spanish city.


After hooking up with a couple of girls to create a ‘social group’, though, the two were back at it again and this time, not only did they get themselves some free food, but also got to go clubbing in a Barcelona hotspot.


Using Tinder To Travel Europe For Free


The guys thought of the idea while in London as they’d never been to Europe before. Also, both met their girlfriend on Tinder, so they wondered what it’d be like travelling through Europe using the dating app.


The fearless Tinder adventurers also praised the dating app and encouraged others to use it in another way other than just for sex.



It’s great to know that the guys not only survived their trip, but they managed to make some new friends while on their travels.


May they serve as an inspiration to people and encourage more to swipe right!