Teen Girl Finds Her Doppelgangers Online And It’s Absolutely Freaky

It’s not exactly impossible to find someone who you’re completely unrelated to, yet somehow still look like. But, what are the odds of you finding at least four?


Well, that just happened to Santana Gutierrez, a 17-year-old who found her “identical twin” while out shopping in San Diego.



As you can see, the photo was taken quite a while back and has racked itself quite a number of retweets.


You’d think, though, that was the end of it, but as it seems, there are other people who share Santana’s likeness, like this one below:



That still wasn’t the end of it, as more and more of her “clones” kept emerging, who only added to Santana’s confusion.



Twitter being as it is chimed in that her life was now basically like cult TV series, Orphan Black.


And oh, there apparently are even more girls out there that look like her, some of which are even celebrities.



Apparently, someone’s dad has been busy.