Sushi Hybrids Are Happening

I’m sure you’ve heard of sushi because, well, you’re on the internet right now, and the internet loves sushi. There have been several fancy trends in sushi lately that you’ve probably seen, too, including the sushi burger which is huge on Instagram:



But you might not know that there are loads of other sushi hybrids happening in the world right now and some of them are, like, totally insane. In the best way possible. One example is sushi doughnuts. Yes, you read that correctly.



Can we discuss this magic?! Look how beautiful!



But, guys, this is just the beginning. There are wizards out there who have created sushi pizza:





Who else wants a pizza this sushi??? ????????

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There are also sushi tacos (are you surprised, at this point?):


Mr. Krabs soft shell crab & Ahi-holic tacos • Sushi taco overload ????????????

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And sushi burritos. OMG.



There is even a freaking sushi cake.



The world is so beautiful and wondrous.