Secret Camera Captures Dogs Doing The Deed When Their Owners Aren’t Around

While most of us simply wonder what our dogs do when we’re not around, one owner took it a step too far by actually trying to find out what happens.


High school junior Jonny Calderon recently held a house party to got too wild. So, his mom wanted to keep her son’s behavior in check and decided to set up cameras around the house. Instead, however, they caught something they never would’ve expected.


Secret Camera Captures Dogs Doing The Deed


Shocked at what she saw, she immediately texted her son and told him that they’re getting the dogs neutered.


It’s not exactly easy to make out what’s happening at first, but if you look closely, you’re going to see something you definitely won’t be able to un-see.


Secret Camera Captures Dogs Doing The Deed


Yes, that’s Chico, a Maltese pup, and Chloe, a bulldog, having some private time alone whenever their owners aren’t around.


Jonny simply couldn’t contain himself at what his mother discovered and posted the whole incident on Twitter.



The naughty behavior, though, isn’t exactly as naughty as it looks.


Jonny explains that this happens whenever the bulldog is menstruating. Basically, Chico does her a favor of cleaning it since she’s too fat to clean it herself.


On second though, that’s doesn’t exactly make things better. But, if there’s one thing we’re sure of, that’s some pretty tight friendship right there.